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York Middle School

Pam Petersen is an 8th grade Science teacher at York Middle School in York. She spends her days teaching Health, Earth Science, and 2 different STEM classes.

Pam’s enthusiasm for space started as a little girl.  She would tip her dad’s recliner pretending that it was her space capsule.  Once she grew up, she chose to be a science teacher and share that love with her students.  Pam applied to every space opportunity she could.  She was selected to attend Lift Off at Johnson Space Center, and as a Honeywell Educator - attending Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama.  When she saw that NASA Nebraska Space Grant was offering the opportunity to become an ambassador, she applied and was accepted. 

She is excited to bring her expertise as an Ambassador to the community of York and surrounding areas. Pam has been at YMS since 2001 and is married to John Petersen. They have two children: Ali & Evan.

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