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NASA Nebraska Space Grant
Research & Higher Education Mini-Grants

Faculty and staff at participating NASA Nebraska Space Grant college and university affiliates are eligible to apply for Research and Higher Education Mini-Grants.  


The FY25 Fellowship and Mini-Grant Competition is Due May 20, 2024.  Mini-Grants are normally funded from September through April during an academic year.  See the application details for specific funding periods and deadlines.

Note:  Mini-grants are not intended to be sustaining funding; rather they are intended to support a project or program for one year, allowing the project or program to grow and obtain more permanent funding elsewhere.  Funding for non-NASA or non-aerospace related projects is not supported by the Nebraska Space Grant program.

Mini-Grant & Fellowship Informational Zoom Session:

An informational Zoom session was be held on Tuesday, April 23, 2024 from 10:00am-11:00am CST regarding our NASA Nebraska Space Grant Fellowship and Mini-Grant Competition. 

The recording of the session can be found here



These grants provide Nebraska faculty researchers with support for aerospace-related research to build ties with NASA scientists and conduct research important to NASA. The grants aim to elevate the aerospace-related research conducted in Nebraska for infrastructure building and workforce development opportunities; and result in future proposals to NASA and/or other federal, state, or private organizations for funding.

Click here to link to the application system 


NASA is interested in the development of the future aerospace workforce, especially underrepresented students and females. Higher Education Mini-Grants are available for innovative projects and programs that will recruit or develop students in aerospace-related fields at the college or university level, and encourage them to pursue careers in these fields after they graduate.  Current projects include design challenge and competition teams, aerospace-related course development, and many more.  These grants are limited to projects for college and university students only.  

Click here to link to the application system 


The Nebraska Space Grant discontinued the competitive Teacher Training and Informal Education Mini-Grants.  We will continue to promote informal education and teacher training events happening in Nebraska on our Facebook page and through our Space Grant Educator Listserv.  Click here to join the Educator Listserv.

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