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Elizabeth Dunn


Nebraska City Middle School

With over 18 years of experience, Elizabeth Dunn currently teaches 6th grade world studies at Nebraska City Middle School. She has previously taught Earth science, math, and language arts. These experiences allow Elizabeth to design and implement many cross-curricular programs for her students. 


Elizabeth’s passion for space comes from her father’s own passion, and a visit to Kennedy Space Center at a young age.  Being a Nebraska Space Ambassador has allowed her to ignite that passion and pass it on to other educators. Elizabeth has trained teachers in using NASA resources at the Space Port Area Conference for Educators, NETA’s spring conference, the NATS/NATM conference, her local ESU, and at the district level.  She has also implemented the programs she trains on in her own classroom, using experiences and feedback to improve her programming.  

Elizabeth is a long-time resident of southeast Nebraska. She earned her undergrad from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln and a master’s degree from the University of Nebraska at Omaha. She and her husband are raising their two children in the Nebraska City area.

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