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Nebraska City High School


Tammy Blobaum is a 9-12th grade Science teacher at Nebraska City High School in Nebraska City. She spends her days teaching Earth science, Environmental science, and Anatomy.  She holds a BS in Biology from Peru State College and a MS in Biological Science from the University of Nebraska at Kearney.


Tammy is a life long learner and always looks for opportunities to bring the learning back to her classroom.  She is interested in how humans will live and work in space and how space travel will affect the human body. As an educator, Tammy enjoys networking and attending professional development opportunities that allow her to become a better teacher.  She seeks options that allow her to participate as a learner as well as build content knowledge. Tammy applied for the Ambassador program during its inaugural year with hopes to bring this type of professional development to teachers in her home state.  NASA’s mission is fitting in that we must work collectively to reach new heights and reveal the unknown for the benefit of humankind.


She is excited to bring her knowledge and skills as an Ambassador to the Southeast Nebraska region-Nebraska City and surrounding communities. Tammy has been teaching 15 years and is active in Scouting, both Scouts BSA and Girl Scouts of America. Tammy and her family live in rural southeast Nebraska.

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