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Welcome to the NASA Nebraska Space Grant Consortium

Attention 2023/2024 NASA Nebraska Space Grant funded faculty and students!


All awardees are encouraged to submit an abstract for presentation at the Nebraska Academy of Sciences 2024 Annual Meeting on Friday, April 19, 2024*

*The Aeronautics and Space Science Sections will be 100% virtual.

Items to Note:

  • Abstracts are due Friday, March 1, 2024; submit online at:

  • Below is an abstract submission template to complete and upload with the online submission (also available on the NAS website). 

  • We ask that only one person per NASA Nebraska Space Grant funded 2023/2024 project submit an abstract. 

    • The person that submits the abstract will also be noted as the sole presenter if selected for presentation. 

  • The Aeronautics and Space Science section will be 100% virtual; select a virtual presentation on your abstract submission. 

    • Both oral and poster presentation slots are available. However, poster slots are limited and are not guaranteed. Posters will be presented via a YouTube video shared with the attendees. 

    • Zoom will be used for the presentations, more details to follow if your abstract is selected for presentation. Presenters will be notified via email of your selection/abstract status by March 15, 2024.

IMPORTANT REGISTRATION/PAYMENT INFORMATION:  After you submit your abstract you will need to register via:  See example below for what to fill in on your registration. Our office will pay for the presenter’s registration. At the end of the registration please select “invoice me” and DO NOT provide payment information. You will then receive an email with a link to pay the registration online. Please forward this email to and we will pay the registration online.  NAS will bill us for all the registrations at once, therefore your registration will not be paid right away. You may receive reminders via email to pay, please do not. We will wait until March 15 to pay the invoice from NAS for all presenters.


Click for download:


Nebraska Space Grant Fellowships 

Stay tuned for FY25 announcements

The Nebraska Space Grant awards fellowships for student research and educational opportunities.

Nebraska Space Grant Mini-Grants

Stay tuned for FY25 announcements

The Nebraska Space Grant offers Higher Education Mini-Grants and Research Mini-Grants.  These grants are available to Nebraska educators and researchers.

Mini-Grant & Fellowship Informational Zoom Session: The recording for the FY24 session can be found here

NASA Internships

Summer 2024 deadline was February 2, 2024

NASA Centers across the U.S. offer a variety of internships. 

Many of these internships require funding from the state-based Space Grant Consortia for the internship stipends. This requires applying to both NASA and the Nebraska Space Grant.

Please see the Opportunities page for more information and deadlines regarding the Mini-Grant, Fellowship, and Internship opportunities.  Also check the NASA Nebraska EPSCoR website for additional opportunities.  




Nebraska Space Grant supports several aerospace-education and outreach efforts within the state.  These include High Altitude Ballooning (HAB), NASA-specific professional development for teachers, the Annual Meeting of the Nebraska Academy of Sciences, and other conferences and events.


NASA Nebraska Space Grant is part of NASA’s National Space Grant College and Fellowship Program.  We are one of 52 Space Grant Consortiums in the United States and have been successfully promoting aerospace-related activities within the state since 1991.


The Nebraska Space Grant Consortium is awarded funds to develop research infrastructure and enhance the quality of aerospace research and education throughout the state. 



To enhance the quality of life for Nebraskans through continuous research, fellowship and scholarship funding, and public service related to aeronautics and aerospace.



This grant allows Nebraska colleges and universities to engage in research, education, and public service programs related to aeronautics, space sciences, and technology.

Teachers in preparation for the 2017 Solar Eclipse  

The NASA Nebraska Eclipse Ballooning Project launched from Grand Island, NE

Mars 2020.jpg

The Mars 2020 Rover Perseverance launched from NASA's Kennedy Space Center in July 2020 and landed on Mars in February 2021.  Mars Helicopter Ingenuity made the first successful flight on another planet in April 2021.  Follow along with the mission here:

Astronomy lecturer Michael Sibbernsen, launches a high-altitude balloon.

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