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NASA Nebraska Space Grant News 2017-2018

The articles below highlight people, accomplishments, and events involved in aerospace-related research and educational activities in partnership with NASA Nebraska Space Grant.  

Click here for 2016 news.


April 2018

The annual NASA Nebraska Space Grant Fellowship & Mini-Grant Competition is now open. 


Applications are due May 20, 2018. 


Fellowships are open to students who are U.S. Citizens attending a NASA Nebraska Space Grant Academic Affiliate.  


Mini-grants are available for:

  • Research, 

  • Higher Education, 

  • Informal Education, and 

  • Teacher Training projects.


The funding period for selected students and projects is August 1, 2018 – February 28, 2019.


Forms are available online at


Please spread the word to other faculty and students who might be interested.

March 2018
NASA Nebraska Space Grant graduate student fellow James Pierce and graduate student researcher Anna Buhman, were individually recognized during the University of Nebraska at Omaha's, 2018 Student Research and Creative Activity Fair.  James was recognized as the Best Graduate Poster / Exhibitor with his presentation entitled, "3D Printed Prostheses for Children: A Tool to Monitor Upper Limb Movement" while Anna was recognized as delivering an Outstanding Graduate Poster / Exhibit for her work entitled, "Towards Robust Classification in Adversarial Learning using Bayesian Games". 
Visit the NASA Nebraska Space Grant Facebook page to learn more.
October 2017
A student engineering team at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln has developed a space tool that will undergo its first structural test at NASA’s Langley Research Center, and then launch on a suborbital rocket in spring 2018.  Click photo to read full article.
October 2017
University of Nebraska-Lincoln engineering students design a space boom tested by NASA.  Click photo to read full article.

October 2017

Check out the great NOAA feature story on NASA Nebraska Space Grant Alum Kim Whitman Hyde.

September 2017

Scientists at UNL and UNMC work with former NASA astronaut Clayton Anderson to develop remote, robotic surgical techniques for use during deep space missions.  Click photo to read full article.

June 2017
In York, NE another successful space camp took place. NASA Nebraska Space Ambassadors Pam Peterson and Tom Brestel taught their students about the history of space, rockets, Mars rovers, and more. Click photo to read full article.
June 2017
Scottsbluff, NE middle school teacher and NASA Nebraska Space Ambassador, Jon Amundsen helps local kids learn about rockets, Mars, and space during the Mission Mars Space Camp.  Click photo to read full article.

February 2017

Smithsonian ranks NASA Nebraska Space Grant and Grand Island, NE among Top 15 Spots to Watch Eclipse 2017.  Click photo to read full article.

February 2017

NASA Nebraska Space Grant Now Accepting EPSCoR Research Mini-Grant Proposals

This is a special call to fund NASA and aerospace-related research grants to Nebraska researchers interested in establishing and/or strengthening ties with NASA scientists, and conducting research important to NASA. All institutions of higher education in Nebraska are eligible for NASA EPSCoR research funds. The anticipated funding period is March 1, 2017 – December 31, 2017.


There are two goals of the EPSCoR Research Mini-grant program: 1) To elevate the aerospace-related research being conducted in Nebraska for future infrastructure building and workforce development opportunities; and 2) To result in future proposals to NASA and/or other federal, state, or private organizations for funding.


Applicants may request NASA support in an amount no greater than $10,000 if the project has a plan to establish and/or strengthen a NASA collaboration. Applicants may request NASA support in an amount no greater than $20,000 if the project has a well-established NASA collaboration. This plan for collaboration must be documented in the respective section of the application.


Application deadline is 3/10/17.  To learn more or to download the application, visit our Opportunities page.

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